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Gramercy Capital Management Corp.


Welcome to the Gramercy Capital website. We are a Registered Investment Advisory firm founded in 1986 and located in Mid-town Manhattan. Our firm is committed to obtaining excellent results for our clients, and we do so with integrity and intelligence. If you have worked hard to accumulate your nest egg, we believe we should work equally hard to protect and grow your nest egg.

Investment Focus

We strive to attain superior returns for our clients over time using a patient long-term investment strategy. Our focus is on North American equities. We are contrarians and use a value/growth approach when making our stock selections. We also manage concentrated portfolios with a limited number of stocks because we believe in knowing what we own and following those companies closely. The national media has accorded us a lot of attention over the years as we have succeeded in our goal.

Superior Service and Personalized Attention

According to the Wall Street Journal, the average mutual fund charges 1.47%, a fee for which you are an anonymous number at a mutual fund complex. For our essentially comparable fee of 1.5% we provide personalized attention. We believe you deserve to speak with the person managing your portfolio, not a "relationship manager" or someone in a "call center" who knows little about investments. If your account is a taxable one, we will work with you and your accountant to optimize your tax strategies. If you decide to entrust your portfolio to our care, an investment beginner will not be practicing on your retirement.

Why Select Us?

Our concept is to concentrate our investments in a smaller group of stocks that we watch carefully and analyze ourselves. We work with our clients to determine the minimum number of stocks they are comfortable owning. Most choose a number between 8 and 15 stocks. Obviously, the approach enhances the impact on your portfolio of your winners. The same is true if a stock fizzles and goes down. Implicitly, this approach requires that you have the skills to do your own analysis (which we do!). It doesn't work if you must rely on an early call from a brokerage firm whose analyst might have changed his tune. And always, it must be recognized that we sometimes pick stocks that go down. However, the essence of excellent portfolio management is to find far more winners than losers.

Joan E. Lappin

Joan E. Lappin, our President and Chief Investment Officer, has 4 decades of Wall Street experience; first as a media and entertainment analyst and since 1980, as a portfolio manager. She has seen both bull markets and bear markets; and each more than once. Mrs. Lappin, who has been included in Marquis' Who's Who in the World, has managed assets for some of America's largest corporations and for high net worth individuals. Turn her decades of experience to your advantage.

Renowned as a "stock picker," Business Week has called Mrs. Lappin "an investment guru" and she has been well recognized as the subject of feature stories in such well known publications as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Newsweek, Barron's, Money, The New York Sun, Delta Sky Magazine, and USA Today, among many others. In February 2002, The New York Times' Sunday Business credited Mrs. Lappin with being the only analyst on Wall Street to spot phony accounting at Qwest Communications in 1998 when it was a Wall Street darling.

Request For Info

If we've piqued your interest, please complete our questionnaire to request more information or call us at 212.935.6909 so we can begin a personal dialog. If you'd like to receive the articles Mrs. Lappin authors for RealMoney or other publications, let us know and we would be happy to add you to our email list. Thanks for visiting our site.

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